The food and gift industry is about to explode with a whole new crop of healthy, creative businesses that can be prosperous, fun and provide an additional income stream.  Will one of them be you?

“If You're looking for an easy, profitable new product
to Benefit Others, You, Too, Can Enjoy the 
Additional income and publicity That Comes From 
Making and Selling Fruit Bouquets”

Now YOU can seize control of your business to create more wealth, customers and fulfilment EVERY day for you and your family.

This Entrepreneurial Mother of Two Has Agreed to Reveal the Proven and Field-Tested Strategies, You, Too, Could Use to Launch Your Own Fruit Bouquet Business – Earning an additional income from selling a gift product that is healthy, delicious and fun – Regardless of Your Skill Level or Area of Expertise.

From the Desk of ‘Ms Tooty Fruity’

Dear Friend,

I have an amazing story to share with you about changes that are 
happening right now in the food and home worker industries.

It’s a story that affects what you’ll be buying, who you’ll be purchasing 
from and how you’ll be accessing these products in the near future.

It’s also a story that affects you directly, since it’s likely that soon – 
if you’re prepared – you, too, will be able to join the rising tide of home-
working business owners who will explode onto the food gift-giving scene in the next 
18 months and take advantage of this new, healthy eating gift product.

Just how do I know this and why am I writing to you?

Well before I tell you about why I’m so sure that the time is ripe for this kind of business and a great opportunity for you, let me introduce myself.  

Hello, my name is Heather Gifford-Jenkins.  I’ve been an entrepreneur now for almost twenty years and I’m the founder of the fruit bouquet business called Tooty Fruity International™ which, right from the time of its launch in 2008, has been absolutely delighting people young and old. 

But it hasn’t always been easy for me.  Look, can I be absolutely honest with you?  The idea for Tooty Fruity was actually born out of financial desperation.

I’d had a great spell in business for many, many years owning businesses in the service, manufacturing and retail sectors, but I suddenly found myself in unchartered territory one day – without a business, an idea or any money.    

I'd found myself at a personal low point and at the start of a recession too!

However, I didn't give up and frantically started searching for a business idea that filled me with the passion I’d experienced in the past, with my other creative businesses, but to no avail.   

When my savings finally ran out, I had no option but to sell my house.

And then one day it all changed forever ...

It was the day the estate agent was coming to the house with the final property details, I woke up crying.  I didn’t want to sell my home and couldn’t believe that after a decade of being in business it had come to this – but without the passion for a good business idea I felt like a fish out of water.

I sat at my desk with my head in my hands and looked at the clock.  With one hour to go before the estate agent was due to arrive, I reached for the phone and cancelled the appointment.  But now what?  

I imagined what it must have been like for my father; he’d been made redundant several times when I was growing up.  On one occasion, with too much pride to live off government benefits, he had gone out and bought himself a white transit van and set up a fruit and vegetable delivery service.    If it was good enough for my Dad, it was certainly good enough for me.

I immediately started looking on the Internet for fruit delivery ideas and then stumbled across a new concept that I’d never seen before – fruit that was cut and shaped to look like flowers and arranged into delicious edible arrangements.  

The moment I saw the idea, I knew that I’d found my passion as an entrepreneur again and Tooty Fruity™ was born!

It took me less than four weeks to launch the business from scratch, from my kitchen table.  I borrowed a small amount of money and bought myself a white transit van (which I had sign-written in big powerful graphics).  

I then placed a small advert in a local community magazine and held my breath!  My hunch had paid off and within the space of a couple of weeks I was turning over four figures and was amazed at the reaction  - people were ordering for Birthdays, Christmas Gifts, Thanks You and Get Well presents.

In other words, people were telling their friends and repeat business was high!

Then came additional gift giving occasions such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and Easter – and with men, women and children loving the Tooty Fruity concept, families were ordering them for parties, events and weddings.

Actually the business idea has been so well received that quite unexpectedly, I received a phone call only six months after launching Tooty Fruity™, to say that I'd won first prize in a national business start-up competition run by British Telecom (BT)....... personal mentoring from Peter Jones of the BBC's Dragon's Den television programme!

You know, fate is an amazing thing.  Tooty Fruity™ enabled me to gain a very fast additional income from a wonderful ‘feel-good product’ which fitted around my other work commitments.

After a period of struggling and frustration, I finally found a business idea and product range that was incredibly rewarding and that had low start up costs, low overheads (margins of up to 75%) and works exceptionally well for anyone, regardless of their background or levels of creativity.

This is an exciting, emerging market that is tapping into the gift-giving industry but with the added benefit of a nutrition and wellness.  The 5-a-day programme from the Government is encouraging people to eat more fruit  and our product  and business ethos really does support this campaign  -  It's a Win-Win situation.

I had a blast working on the products and business set up for Tooty Fruity™ and now train people like you, from all around the World, in how to set up their own profitable fruit bouquet business, in minimum time, with minimum budget.

But more importantly for you ...

Do You See How Working On My Own Fruit Bouquet Business Has Given Me Ability To Execute Profitable Business & Marketing Strategies That I Know Will Work For You?

It’s given me the ability to understand the market – creating a range of different products that I know sell at different times of the year.

Not only have I discovered what works – I’ve experienced what doesn’t work.  And I know what to steer you away from in the process of setting up your own range of fruit bouquets.

But let’s talk about YOU for a moment.

The reason I’ve told you my own story is to demonstrate the possibilities for YOU to become a fruit bouquet supplier in your area.  Selling products to hotels, corporate accounts, weddings, events and of course the huge gift-giving market in your catchment area.

In fact, I’ve developed a list of multiple different routes to market for your fruit bouquet products, which have been identified and tested by me personally.

In just a moment, I’ll explain why I decided to detail these systems and share this unique ‘road map’ designed specifically to launch you on the path to becoming your local fruit bouquet provider with a robust selection of powerful, profitable fruit-based gift products.

Once You Master the Creative Techniques of One Type of Product, You Can Quickly Move to Creating new products of your own ...

That’s the beauty of this type of training - you can produce a wide range of products once you understand the basic principles of design – and believe me, unlike other creative businesses such as floristry, you don’t have to have any special creative talent.

Along the way, you’ll become a master of fruit arrangements and fruit bouquets.  You’ll learn how to make simple products for one-off gifts, right through to more elaborate displays for events and weddings, if you choose.

You’ll learn different techniques for dipping fruit and we’ll share new ideas and product concepts with you – so you’re always up to date on new designs for you to introduce to your expanding customer base.

But, unfortunately, one high class problem happens when you get good at making people happy:

Tons of new people call and want you to do the same for them!

While normally this wouldn’t be a problem – in my case I can’t clone myself several hundred times around the UK and because my background and main expertise is setting up businesses and teaching others how to run them, I sold my successful fruit bouquet business and I decided to write down all my formulas and designs, describe all my operation and marketing systems, detail all my know-how and past experience in PR and Marketing – then concentrate on helping people around the World who want to set up a similar income stream by selling fruit bouquets and becoming independent fruit bouquet entrepreneurs.

I decided to reveal the marketing systems to use, the words to say, the adverts to use, the joint venture partners to look for, the vendors to call ... even the operational systems of the business.

I made a decision to show anyone wanting to start a business of this kind how they can easily become the first person to contact locally for someone wanting to send a fruit bouquet or requiring an eye-catching centrepiece for a wedding or event.

The truth is ... lots of people can tell you how to set up a generalist business, but I couldn’t find any resource that walked you through the exact and highly-detailed business model for selling fruit bouquets and arrangements, other than franchises and so I took the franchise format – including giving you the actual to-do list that helps turn expertise into valuable products, and products into thousands of pounds in easy revenue, so that you can run a profitable, independently owned fruit bouquet business for yourself.

And the good news?

It’s easy to train you how to make these products  – you just need to be quick .... because interest is high and you don't want someone to beat you to the idea in your local area!

Introducing the Tooty Fruity™ International Training Programme' ....

There are a range of exciting training elements for you to choose from which give you the  insights and processes into launching your own range of fruit bouquet products.

I've also included a 50 page, 10,000 word Ebook that I've written to explain the basics of the business model, so you can get up to speed with the industry as quickly as possible.

You can also train online  And the best news of all, I've decided to make it as inexpensive for you as possible to start your own business.  With the help of Tooty Fruity International™ you can start your own business for just £97!

Need a product that will make you stand out from your competitors?

Hey, it’s been tough in retail over the past few years – having owned retail outlets I know how hard it is to keep cash flowing and customers ordering from you.

If you’ve got an existing business, then you’ll have the business know how to run a fruit bouquet business in conjunction with your other business.   All you need is a kitchen area where you can produce the product safely and hygienically.  

I think that the range of products designed for you to make and market sit really well with other food or gift related businesses ... fruit and veg shops, smoothie bars, sandwich shops, delicatessens, and of course, florists.

IF YOU WANT to introduce a new product line that is fun, exciting and fits around your other commitments, then this training programme is for you.

IF YOU WANT to earn an additional  income and take control of your financial situation, this is the programme for you.

IF YOU WANT to sell a beautiful, delicious and nutritious product that will benefit others; this is the programme for you.

IF YOU WANT to sell a product that is emotionally rewarding, this is the programme for you.

IF YOU WANT to enthusiastically and playfully enjoy the full richness of working for yourself, this is the programme for you.

But YOU have to commit to making this happen.

Look, there is an easy path through life and a hard path.  You don’t have to be frustrated, stressed and unhappy with your working life.

Why would you, when there is a lift waiting for you?

It’s all your choice.

Everything I teach is about empowering you to run this successful business – whether it’s from home or in an existing business to create an additional income stream.

The mission of Tooty Fruity International™ is to make fruit fun and exciting for the young and young at heart – I also want to make this wonderful product accessible to hundreds of small business owners throughout the World.

Will you join me in making this happen?

Check out more information at

To your success,

Heather Gifford-Jenkins
Founder of Tooty Fruity™ International

P.S.   Always remember, if a thing is humanly possible, it’s possible for YOU.

P.P.S.  Remember, you must take action and register your place on one of our training courses.  I can’t guarantee that one of your competitors will approach us first.  Avoid disappointment; register your location now before your competitor does!
“I Urge You To Close the Door, Turn Off the Phone and Take the Time NOW to Read Every Word of This Incredible Letter”

In it, you’ll discover how a single working mum, discovered one of the most innovative and creative gift-giving businesses to be introduced to the UK – and now she’s sharing this information to help you:

Gain the freedom to run a fruit bouquet business working from home or as an additional income stream to your business  – flexible to fit around your lifestyle and existing business.

Develop a range of super lucrative gift products for the wedding and event markets – charging anything from £195 to £695 per event.

Plan your working schedule around your business and lifestyle, giving you precious time for other commitments.

Find markets that desperately want your products – and earn thousands by delivering it to them.

Become the main supplier in your area for creating delicious and nutritious alternatives to chocolates and traditional bouquets of flowers.

....Plus so much more!

Would Achieving All This and Enjoying the additional income and media exposure of this new product Interest You?

If so, you’re about to discover the exact system this creative-entrepreneur developed that will enable you to introduce a new product line that is healthy, lucrative and fun!

All I ask you is that you read her letter, and I promise you she’ll reveal how to create a business quickly, just like she did, with small overheads, high gross profit margin, bringing eager buyers into your business and turning them into perpetual, cash-paying fanatics for a product they can’t get enough of!
Cardiff, UK
Tuesday, 4:46 p.m